The Jurnal Bali Membangun Bali discusses the areas of regional development by focusing and having a scope on economic, agricultural and tourism development as well as the accompanying socio-cultural dynamics, in an effort to improve and advance the quality of welfare and civilization of the regional community.

All articles in  the Jurnal Bali Membangun Bali will be processed by the editor through the open access journal at  and the author can monitor the entire process in the member's area. Articles published in  the Jurnal Bali Membangun Bali , both in hard and soft copy , are available as open access for educational, research and library purposes. The editorial board of  the Jurnal Bali Membangun Bali is not responsible for various acts of copyright infringement or other violations that could harm the credibility of the Jurnal Bali Membangun Bali or society at large.

Journal History

The Regional Research and Innovation Agency for the Province of Bali was established in early 2020 and since the beginning of that year this institution has also succeeded in publishing  the Jurnal Bali Membangun Bali. It is very logical for BaRI Bali to publish a scientific journal like this because, as is commonly understood, scientific research and innovations are ideally carried out by journal entities in their publications and indeed there is almost no other way that is scientifically better. With publications, science and technology that is born from these research and innovation processes will be communicatively connected to the public, especially the related reader market. As a result, science and technology from these research and innovation products will also receive their scientific and technological dialectic, so that in the end a type of science and technology will emerge that can truly lead to the benefit of society, especially local communities, where the journal is focused.

As promised,  the Jurnal Bali Membangun Bali aims to disseminate the results of research, study, development, application, invention and innovation for the development of the Bali region with a focus and scope on economic development, agriculture and tourism as well as the accompanying socio-cultural dynamics. The goal is clear, namely to improve and promote the quality of welfare and civilization of the local community, in this case in the province of Bali.

Published every April, August and December,  Jurnal Bali Pembangunan Bali  is constructed as a printed journal and also an electronic journal which is  the latest and most popular platform  for publishing journals. Regarding this matter, it should be noted that, as a new institution, BaRI Bali is able to mark its presence with the existence of an  e - journal  which is located at . However, digital journals represent the current global spirit with their green movements  . For the sake of ecological, economic and socio-cultural sustainability, Jurnal Bali Membangun Bali  was developed by BaRI Bali with  green technology, namely the Open Access Journal and of course, at the same time, streamlining the use of paper in its print edition as well as its distribution system.

In addition to achieving its big external goals, especially for the benefit of empowering local communities with all the capital and potential they have, it is hoped that  the Jurnal Bali Membangun Bali,  which began with the April 2020 issue, will internally bring together consistent and sustainable publications, so that in the end widely recognized by the public and accredited by credible indexing institutions, not only in the national context but also internationally.